Comparing Drupal, Joomla and WordPress

First, let’s get in to the root of our analysis just in case you have no clue what a CMS platform is. In simple terms, it is an application that allows you to edit, publish, and modify content from a centralized interface. The main goal behind the growth of CMS platforms is the efficiency and simplicity it affords users. The beauty with most of the platforms is that they are open source meaning that you have the luxury to choose among them depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Take note of the Features

In terms of features, these three platforms are known to afford unbeatable options to users. WordPress is however known to be the friendlier to new users owing to its easy to use interface. In fact, setting up a new website is much easier in WordPress than in Drupal and Joomla. If you are an advanced user though, you will find Joomla and Drupal easier to navigate through.

Know the Kind of Site You Want to Develop

The key to picking up a CMS platform that suits you is to pick the platform that fits into your needs. To achieve this, you have to devise a web design plan then look into the options available. If you look to develop a simple website-perhaps news or a blog, then WordPress would be well suited for you. A step higher, Joomla does provide a platform for you to build fairly complex sites in the realm of structure. If you want to build e-commerce or social networking sites with a bit of complex designs then Joomla is the best fit for you. Drupal on the other hand boosts admirable levels of scale owing to its ability to build sites ranging from simple to the most complex. So, if you are looking to build a site with complex data organization and structure, then you now know that Drupal will work for you.

CMS Community

This might not sound important but the extend at which a given CMS platform is adopted around the globe is crucial when making a choice between the options. CMS popularity will prove important in the case you are stuck and you need some help in a given development challenge. Take a simple example of a case whereby you are installing a plugin in a given platform then you get some sort of strange error. Naturally you would rush into the Internet for solutions but what happens if the platform is not used by a good number of developers? You will surely not get enough information to solve your problem quickly. CMS popularity also affects the number of plugins you have access to in a given platform meaning that the more popular the platform is, the higher the number.

The good thing is that all the three platforms have been adopted by a good number of worldwide developers to back you up whenever you hit the red flag. However, WordPress seems to be leading the race with Joomla and Drupal both in the chasing pack. It should however be noted that basing your choices on the popularity of a CMS platform will only be more feasible if you are a newbie in the web development business as accomplished programmers usually find it easy to cope with the challenges that come with the complexity of Drupal and Joomla.

Now that you have an overview of the points to note when choosing your platform, it is time for you to choose.

Remember, there is no better platform just a matter of choosing what is right for you. Just in case you don’t have the technical know how on how to use any of the platform, we are here to help.


5 Ideas For Digital Products To Sell Online

Digital products are the quickest, easiest and most profitable products to create. A digital product is something that a customer can download instantaneously to their computer when they buy it. It can be a report, eBook, video series, online tutorial or even a membership website.

The greatest advantage when you create digital products to sell online is that once you have created them, you can sell them time and time again. In order to find new ideas for digital products, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to uncover unique ways to make it roll better.

  1. Ask Your Customers

How do your customers like your current products? Is there something that would like to see more of? Send out simple online survey to the people on your database. Ask them what their current problems are and where they are struggling. You’ll probably see one or two common themes cropping up in the answers. Use that information as your guide for creating and selling a new digital product.

  1. Convert Physical Products Into Digital Products

Are there ways to convert one or more of your physical products into a digital offering. For example, if you sell fashion accessories, could you create a video course on make up tips? Or, if you sell fitness equipment, could you create an eBook on weight loss? How can you streamline your product or a service using digital media?

  1. Take A Look At Your Competitors

Look into other businesses in your niche and see what they are doing to promote their business. What digital products do they offer? What do their audience like most about their products or services? How can you apply those likes to your products or services?

  1. Use Social Media

Social media marketing can expose your business to an entire new audience. Create a free eBook or report that provides value and distribute it on social media and ask people for their comments. As you get comments you’ll see what questions come up and you can create a follow up version with more details for people to buy.

  1. Interview An Expert

You don’t have to be an expert in your chosen niche to create a digital product. But experts can be found and you’ll know who they are. Ask them if they would be prepared to be interviewed about a particular issue in your industry. Tell them that you want to create a digital product (eBook, video, report etc) from those interviews. The advantage to the expert will be the exposure that they will get from being included in your product. The advantage to you is that people in your niche will want to know what the experts have to say. It’s a win-win!

Regardless of your age, education, technical skills or qualifications there are no specific requirements for being a successful online entrepreneur. However you will be more successful with a solid business model to work from, clear direction, training and support. If you don’t know where to start or you’re not achieving the online success that you want, check out the FREE Online Business Video Series at

Six Important Facts About Web Development

There is really nothing to worry about as long as your website is performing well and bringing most visitors. However, a problem arises when your site fails to meet your digital marketing goals. It is here that you need to look into things seriously. Enlisted below are six important facts about web design and web development.

  1. Update your website

With constant development in the field of web design and development, you need to change your site design as well to keep on attracting a large number of customers. Companies must know about the latest coding standards, browser capability updates and search engine algorithms. If your site is not updated in a few years it might fail to display correctly in a web browser creating adverse results for your online business. According to industry experts, even a website that is two years old is old-fashioned. You need to revamp the same to get desired business outcomes.

  1. Your website looks different on different devices

Your website appears different on Firefox and on your friend’s smartphone. This is because of the way the browsers translate code and display it on a screen. Some browsers will load the code in a certain way while some other browsers would not recognize certain codes at all.

Browser differences can make the task of web development a bit tricky. It is only a professional and experienced web design company that can create an amazing website following strictly HTML and CSS standards and addressing browser issues instantly.

  1. Is your website’s code correct

Irrespective of an outstanding site design, you see less traffic flowing to your site. This might be because of your website coding. When someone searches for keywords in Google or Yahoo, they expect to find exactly what they are looking for. Your site coding can also affect your site’s search engine ranking. Codes greatly define the title of the web page to the small meta description of your site. Coding is a good way for SEO and ensuring your site always gets more visibility and visitors.

  1. Images can influence your site

Images and video can make or break your website’s performance. For example, large images and video files can slow down your site’s loading time. Your visitors might not wait for a long time to see a page opening. So, you must use images and videos fully optimized for any type of website.

  1. Responsive design and mobile design

Mobile phones have a restricted screen size and display only the most important or basic information to people and so you might not get to see a site in its full glory. On the contrary, responsive design is extremely flexible. It allows a site to re-size its layout based on the visitor’s screen size. It gives a more consistent experience.

  1. Influencing visitor behavior

Web development also influences visitor behavior. For example, if people are not been able to scan through your site quickly, they will leave. So, web designers must create sites that are easy to load and navigate giving viewers the most vital information.

7 Ways In Which Mobile Apps Help Businesses to Grow Sales

A large number of users in today’s world are using mobile apps to get the desired information and meet their daily needs. This has made businesses of all sizes follow the mobile trend and devise an effective mobile strategy to attract customers. No matter what business you are into, having a mobile app helps to strengthen relations with clients and retain them. Having a mobile app for your business makes customers download and purchase your products or hire your services.

Below stated are the top seven reasons for doing your business through the mobile platform and boosting growth.


Customers these days use smartphones and tablets extensively. This has made businesses to have mobile apps of their own, to gain visibility. A mobile application makes your products & services available to the customers at any time of the hour. It is the most convenient way for mobile users to connect to your business and its offering.

Mobile apps thus enhance the visibility of businesses, help to attract more customers, and improve sales.

New customers

Many users who are not your customers right now can come to know about your useful and feature-rich app and download them. A mobile application can widen your reach and interest more customers to select your products & services. It greatly helps in creating brand awareness and strengthening your brand among app users to draw new customers.

Marketing efforts

Mobile applications play an important role in directing your marketing efforts to the right direction. You can keep your customers updated with your latest products, new arrivals, discounts and more right at their fingertips. Push notifications continuously remind your customers of your products and services, encouraging them to buy regularly and even triggering impulse shopping.


Mobile apps offer convenience to customers in buying your products and services. Smartphone’s users have access to your app even while on the move, thus making purchases from anywhere and at any time.

The convenience offered by mobile application makes customers buy from you repeatedly.

Updated information

You can integrate your mobile app with your company’s website to give latest information and updates of your business to customers. This ensures that your customers stay abreast with all your recent business activities.

This is a great way for your clients to stay in touch with your business, get a sense of belonging, put confidence in you, and choose your brand.

Competitive advantage

In this cut-throat competitive market, businesses are always trying to attract more customers towards their offerings. Many businesses still do not use a mobile application or have not yet started to use it. This is where you can gain a competitive edge, keep your competitors behind, and enhance sales.

Customer service

A mobile app is an excellent medium for businesses to be there for their customers 24/7. You can provide your clients, seamless support allowing them to call or contact you via their phones. This will take your customer service to another level, build customer loyalty, and directly link your clients to your business.

Good customer service impacts sales in a big way as your loyal customers tend to make regular purchases and also recommend your brand to others.

A mobile application thus imparts power into your business, giving boost to your sales. However, it is important to ensure that your app is easy to understand and use, with a variety of innovative features. This makes it essential for you to choose the right mobile app development company that can help your business climb the ladder of success.

Increase Traffic Using Video

If you don’t know by now YouTube is an AWESOME resource that can be used to increase traffic to your website. It can be used to drive tons of targeted and free traffic to if used properly. If you are not using YouTube as a source to increase traffic then you are definitely missing out on another way to generate leads and increase your presence on the web. Learning how to upload, market, and provide video content will quickly give you another vehicle to market yourself properly, giving you a strong foundation.

If you want your business to be up and running for the long run here are some strategies that can be used to increase traffic to your site using videos:

Ways to Increase Traffic

1) Make Consistent Video Content

Making consistent video content will increase your subscriber list on YouTube. People will literally be waiting to see your videos and learn from you. Make sure your videos are filled with genuine and quality content. Your objective is to create raving fans and fans want content. You won’t have to do much promoting from there and you also have an opportunity for your videos to go viral once uploaded. People will share or suggest that their friends check out your videos if they are interesting. If you have an online business you should be using videos to promote your content and YouTube should be one of your marketing venues.


2) Upload to Facebook

You can combine your efforts of video marketing by uploading your YouTube videos to your Facebook page. This gives another opportunity for your videos to be seen and shared by people. Both of these strategies are free and can be highly effective and lucrative over a long period of time. Once again consistency is important. People love to see content and they love to see something from you daily or at least frequently. Your friends and family can help promote your content and if you have a little money to spend you can learn how to market your content with Facebook ads. If you’re not using Facebook to promote your business then you are missing out.


3) Share with your List

If you have an email list, which you should, you can share your videos with your list. Your list will enjoy this because they get a chance to see you in the flesh. And if you are keeping your videos within the 2-5 min range people are more likely to watch the entire video. It doesn’t take up much of their time and they can check it out on the go. This method is very effective with improving your relationship with your list and increasing sales. You can also redirect them to your website, which can also increase traffic and build your brand.

These strategies are a great way to increase traffic to your website/blog. Your goal should be to upload one video a day with content pertaining to your niche. Most people are afraid of doing videos because they are afraid of making a mistake, but if you remain consistent you will get better. Your objective is to get traffic flowing through all resources. By combining your efforts you can get a steady flow and increase traffic across the board.

Best Wishes!

Article by: BJ Henderson

Social Media in Legal Procedings

Social media has changed courts of law and the rules about what is and is not considered substantial. Relevant evidence has changed dramatically with the growth of internet prgrammes such as Facebook and Twitter.

Today social media evidence is admissible in a court of law and social network accounts are very important considerations where lawyers and private investigators look for evidence when building cases.

Lawyers specifically use evidence from social sites to build up prepared statements about a person’s state of mind as well as proving evidence of communication, place and time, or actions.

For example, someone might publish on his or her Facebook status: “I have got to do it. There is no turning back, I’m sorry”. If this was published by an accused person twenty minutes before the alleged crime was committed it could certainly pack a punch with a jury.

Remember also it is not just about the words used but also these sites can often offer some incriminating location details. A post could put someone near the scene of the crime at a given time. Additionally, social media evidence can add up over time and show the growth of relationships and extra martial affairs that could be used as evidence in divorce proceedings.

Divorce Proceedings

It’s important to be aware of the role that social sites can play in legal proceedings today so that you can protect yourself from self-incrimination through evidence gathered in social media contexts.

Did you know?

· 66% of online divorce evidence comes from Facebook,

· 14% comes from MySpace,

· 5% comes from Twitter,

· 15% comes from other sources.

Additionally, lawyers and private investigators can collect information from Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, blogs, dating websites, and any other sites that you frequent online. Depending on the type of case presented against you they will utilize different kinds of sites to build a case with social media an important part of the evidence.

Problems with Social Media

There are some problems that have arisen when dealing with social media evidence. First of all the courts in the west have acknowledged that there are many ways to doctor or edit photos to be incriminating and anyone has the ability to create a fake account. The process of properly verifying the source of the information, especially written information, can be very difficult and acquiring proof can take time that the court might not have. Additionally, lawyers have to be careful about how they acquire the evidence and cannot coax information from victims or others by acting as a counterfeit friend online. Evidence can be immediately dismissed if the methods for acquiring the information are inappropriate.

Facebook also isn’t incredibly cooperative when turning over information for court proceedings and will not provide expert testimony.

Article By Meini Listanti

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Is Artificial Intelligence Making Us Smarter?


One of my favorite comedy shows right now is Big Bang Theory, the main reason for that is the character known as Sheldon, Jim Parsons in real life. Even though Sheldon has many personal flaws, is socially awkward, his memory retention is that of a computer hard drive. He embraces technology, but at the same time is just as comfortable figuring things out in his head. In the real world today I find many younger adults our unable to do that, requiring technology or as I refer to it artificial intelligence to be there 24 hours a day resolving their smallest to biggest problems.

We are veering more towards bringing technology into the classrooms. Items like smart boards, laptops, and tablets are becoming standard teaching devices for educating children. The problem is I see artificial intelligence more like a cheat sheet. Students are able to obtain information in a matter of seconds on the internet, and then really do not need to retain it being able to acquire the results anytime. Maybe the concept of library as a place to study and look up material for school assignments is becoming obsolete. When I went to school having to obtain data at the library assisted me to remember it better. Having to find the section of books on that topic, making notes with paper and pencil, and ultimately writing the assignment without auto correct or spell check to hand in. Going through that exercise was a great process for retention during and after the work was complete, because of the effort involved even with time factor consideration.

I ponder if artificial intelligence is making us lazy in many aspects of our overall lives? With mobile phones we no longer need to memorize phone numbers, and some have the capability of even dialing the person for us. The art of texting is not to write full sentences, but short, sweet and abbreviated. As much as I see artificial intelligence as an asset in many areas like medicine, I also feel it is destroying our world as well. How many jobs have been lost that can’t be replaced, the additional personal cost factors per household, and the loss of privacy? How about the thousands maybe millions of people who can’t leave their homes without this appendage strapped to them, and the anxiety they feel if they happen to forgot it? Also artificial intelligence gives us no peace or real down time even on vacation, it is like the monkey on our back!

I believe technology is reducing our logical thought process, if we want to figure something out artificial intelligence is there, rather than actually just sitting back using our own reasoning and deductions regardless if the outcome is right or wrong. Even cars think for us today, they can park themselves, let us know if someone is in our blind spot, and alert if we need air in our tires. What level are we willing as a society to take this to before believing this is way over the top, maybe on verge of insanity? If you can’t feel a variation in our tires or unable to park a car, maybe we shouldn’t be at the wheel!

I like most people living in the civilized world embrace artificial intelligence, and every time those technological pushers come out with something new, I also want to feel that new high. Perhaps in doing so like any type of addiction our dependence levels increase, and possibly by permitting this we could be overdosing in the sense of losing personal control. Maybe like Sheldon more of a balance between technology and figuring things out in our heads without artificial intelligence might be prudent. In my opinion artificial intelligence is not making us smarter, but perhaps the opposite as we no longer really need to exercise our brains as much, and it has taken over many of our lives unable to function without it.