Why You Need to Have an Online Presence for Your Business in 2015

Did you know that the percentage of people searching their mobiles online has increased to over 70% from last year. Who would have thought that the old fashion method of picking up a yellow pages phone book and let your fingers do the walking would not be the number one source of search.

Even more rapidly is the growth of searching online via a computer or laptop to a mobile phone. Do you know of anyone who doesn’t have a mobile phone? Even my mum who is 94 owns one.

Did you know that businesses who have some form of online presence can increase their bottom line by 20%? That is because when people are searching online they are being found. People aren’t walking door to door to find services, they are online doing their research.

Did you know that if you have an existing website that Google made changes in April this year to how your website is viewed on mobile? So for those who have a website if you haven’t enabled it to be mobile friendly, people will find your site on their mobile not be able to read it and won’t come back to visit your site again.

Did you know that company’s that have a 4 star plus rating will get the sale of a lesser star rating? Just commonsense really, however if you don’t have an online presence which can allow for people to leave a review you again are missing out on business.

Many small business are unaware of this information due to busyness of being a small business owner with so many jobs to do. The old saying too busy working in the business to work on the business.

So what does this mean anyway? Bottom line is that you need to have some form of online presence, a combination of social media and a website.

If you have an existing website then you need to check and see if that website is viewable on Google. To do this just do a Google search and it will provide the necessary link.

For example if you were in the building industry, Home Building Central provides a business website and social media from just $50.00 a month.

The information you should display. Think about what you would want a prospective client to see.

Do you want them to see previous reviews of your goods and services? Do you want them to view a map so they can find you? Have you got some great before and after images of a recent job if you are a renovator? Is it easy for people to contact you via email, social media or phone? When people search you can they make an informed decision from the information supplied?

People will do most of their research before they even contact you, so it is important you keep this in mind when creating your profile on your website and social media platforms.

There is a lot of free information out there to help you getting yourself set up or you can go through a paid service which will do a bit more hand holding.

So in order to get a share of the market place then it is worth getting an online presence. Look forward to finding you.


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